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1A crowded city had no place for secrets. Come to the trial at the City Hall! There you can see how the quarrel between the neighbours ended. Honour was a key issue, stemming from insults, accusations and drunken fights. Usually they ended in fines. Other punishments were flogging, being driven out of the city, or having to stand at the front of the church and be shamed. Sometimes someone went too far and was condemned to death by hanging or having their head chopped off.
1Advertising card for the firm “Wettergren & co” who manufactured and sold ladies’ coats
1Album probably circa 1862, belonged to the artist Geskel Saloman. The album contains sketches and photographs.
1Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and held the patent for 355 inventions during his lifetime. Alfred Nobel's will instituted the Nobel Prize, the most famous prize in the world.
1An album with photographies showing the workers homes built by the "Robert Dicksons foundation"
1Archaelogists have investigated the town of Nya Lödöse several times. One of the strangest finds was made more than 100 years ago. The person who led the excavations wrote: "On the chest of a female skeleton lay a sliver case in the shape of a heart".
1Architecture (photographic copy) original 1870 drawing shows north and east façade of two story house for working class families. gan 2020-04-22
1Archival document where a woman tells unto the museum how laundry was done when boiling it with lye made from birch ash, and the boiled laundry then taken by horse and carriage to the stream to be rinsed. gan 2020-04-16
1A scanned copy of an advertisement for corsets from "Journal des Demoiselles", Paris 1877. gan 2020-04-28
1At the end of the 1600s Gothenburg was Sweden´s second-biggest city, with residents and mighty stone walls.